BOY! You Don’t Need That!

Garbage! .Com is like a diamond ring! Don’t trust those new websites. The old .com means you can trust it! It’s a .com, you can trust it! Period. And trust me! I own a stake in You know, the website with dozens of disgruntled employee negative reviews. A proud man, I am.

“false promises”
“let down”
“do not suggest”
“Would not recommend this job to anybody”
“Worst company ever”
“Company removed 10-minute increase production”
“High school setting”
“It’s awful to work there”
“harassment daily”
“Unsanitary conditions”

There’s more. And he brags about it! Shame, money means everything to some people.

Here’s That Data You Keep Asking For

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Rick Schwartz, the self-proclaimed ‘Domain King’ always asks for OUR data. When he presents us HIS data however, It’s done in a manner similar to the image.

nTLD are TRASH! (but I own some apps).

He’d like his cake, but throw yours on the floor!

“nGTLD are DEAD”, he says.

At what point does it become LYING?